Getting acquired is a best-case scenario where both you and your investors can make a lucrative payday. Your company’s valuation will be based on several key factors:

However, there may also be times when you are better off selling your company when it is less valuable, but you own a higher percentage of stock. You’ll have to consider all of the circumstances of your venture and make a decision based on that.

“In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.” Harold S. Geneen

“Choosing a person who will do a job the “easy way” and solve the difficult problem in front of them can be better than putting your most ambitious team on it. The hardest way is often not the best way. In fact, in the startup world, over delivering can be just as dangerous as under delivering when time and money are finite resources and a lesser solution would have solved the problem effectively.” — From

For most startups, managing their cash flow is the major challenge they need to overcome — many startup failures can be attributed to never getting a handle on their cash. Knowing how to manage burn rate can be an invaluable skill for any business.

At Punch Financial we specialize in providing high-growth companies with a modern accounting experience. Instead of hiring an in-house CFO at great expense, you can outsource your strategic needs to a firm with proven results for a fraction of the cost.

If we didn’t meet or exceed customer expectations with our forward-thinking expertise, we wouldn’t be in business today.

Enter Punch Financial. We work with plenty of young YouTube creators and businesses in the United States, and all clients gain the expertise of a CFO consultant, dedicated bookkeeper, and dedicated accountant at a monthly fee that is a fraction of the cost of an in-house team. Our team will set you on the path to true profitability by reducing your costs and helping your channels and business safely grow.

Many sheets of cash KPIs will start with gross profit. This is a pretty simple profit and loss metric to understand. Your company will have its net sale revenue — the amount of money it gains from its operations.

Read the entire article on how to be fully prepared!

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” — Robert H. Schuller

Frank Mastronuzzi

Founding Partner @punchfinancial, VP Business Development @GreenoughGroup, CFO, MBA, SF-Based, consummate optimist, proud zio, proud daddy of Luca, the Wheaten

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